Media Appearances

June 15, 2009, the release date of the book, officially kicked off a media tour for the book. Below are links to all of the book tour events, as well as all media coverage on The Weight of Silence including newspapers, magazines, radio, websites and blogs. All times are Central Standard.

Recent Media Appearances:

September 23, 2010: Conversations Live – Shelley returns as the guest to this radio show featuring authors and artists, with host Cyrus Webb. Shelley appeared on the show in 2009, and was invited to return to discuss updates to the issues facing invisible children, and what she has been doing since the book’s release.

July 18, 2010, 11:30 am CST: A Call to ConsciousnessShelley was the guest speaker on this radio show hosted by Brian McClure, about “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” The show airs live in the greater Los Angeles area on K-TLK 1150 AM Progressive Talk Radio, every Sunday. Listen to the interview here!

July 13, 2010: The Voluntary Traveler Podcast – Author Nola Lee Kelsey (who is also the president of Dogs Eye View Media, publisher of The Weight of Silence) hosts this series of podcasts about volunteer travel. Shelley’s podcast interview was about the Invisible Children of India, her experiences volunteering at orphanages in the country, and the book that resulted.

Previous Media & Speaking Appearances:

June 2010

17 & 25: Volunteer Before You Die – Author Nola Lee Kelsey features Shelley’s excerpt, “Passage to India,” on her volunteer travel blog in two parts. Shelley was a contributing author to Kelsey’s book, The Voluntary Traveler, and shares her experiences with volunteering at orphanages in India over the past five years.

24: The Ventura County Reporter – In her story about foster care, “Against All Odds,” reporter Carla Iacovetti quotes Shelley on the challenges and bleak futures faced by children who age out of the foster care system.

May 2010

29: Tamil Nadu Foundation’s 35th National Convention – Shelley was the keynote speaker at this convention outside Philadelphia. The foundation’s objective is to help promote educational, social and other charitable projects in Tamil Nadu as part of a humble attempt by its members to share their fortunes with less fortunate people. Shelley spoke on her experiences with children’s issues in India, particularly Tamil Nadu, from the book.

April 2010

15: Johns Hopkins University – At the university’s School of Public Health, Shelley will be speaking to graduate students about the global and public health issues facing children worldwide today, from her experiences. Sharing insights from the research and time in India, Shelley will discuss some of the successful programs witnessed and potential ways in which to address these issues and prevent more children from becoming vulnerable to them.

This web portal for working mothers features a different celebrity mother each month. April includes Shelley Seale, with print and video interviews about her book, research and work in India with its “invisible children”, and her personal journey as a mother and writer. Read the online interview and watch the video interview clips here

March 2010

10: Passions and Possibilities, an organization dedicated to sharing the stories of bold, talented individuals who have successfully leaped into their passions for serving others, features Shelley as the guest on their radio show interviewing “Passioneers.” Click here to listen to the interview broadcast, or listen below:

7: A Cup of Comfort for a Better World releases this week, and Shelley’s story, You Bought Me Sleep, is the first chapter of this inspiring collection of 49 stories that celebrate the generosity of human spirit. Shelley’s contribution was the Grand Prize winner in the anthology! You can buy the book here.

1: Solas Best Travel Writing 2009 contest, sponsored by Travelers Tales, awarded Shelley’s excerpt Lost and Found a Bronze prize in the Best Travel Writing contest. Click here to read the award-winning story, and learn more about the Solas Awards!

February 2010

3: Confidence is an Inside Job, a blog about the ways in which happiness and success come from inside and not externally, features a Q&A with Shelley about her work, what she’s learned, and how she balances her life.

4: Big World Magazine runs an inspiring story by Shelley about former child slaves who went on to become award-winning filmmakers, and win the International Peace Prize.

17: The Authors Show, a radio show spotlighting various authors, will feature Shelley as the guest.

January 2010

1: Om Times Magazine published a story by Shelley on volunteer travel to the orphanages of India. They also featured a nice story on Caroline Boudreaux and The Weight of Silence book.

20: Breathe, Dream Go ran a feature guest post by Shelley, about her volunteer experiences in India and how the country affected her.

28: Women Who Travel The World features a story by Shelley, about voluntourism and what a day or week volunteering in another country is really like.

28: This Magazine out of Canada quotes author Shelley Seale, in Mariellen Ward’s thoughtful piece about slum tourism.

December 2009

3: Bollywood Film Festival – Ticket sales and proceeds from book sales of The Weight of Silence will benefit It’s Bigger Than You, a nonprofit engaging local communities for better global nutrition. Shelley will be available to sign books.

6:’s Volunteer Travel Channel features Shelley in a Q&A about her volunteer experiences in India, and how that led to writing The Weight of Silence. The site also features great resources for volunteer travelers.

6: The Diverse Traveller interviews Shelley about the inspiration for the book, the process of writing and publishing it, and what else she does.

16: Om-Times Magazine’s Radio Show featured guest Shelley Seale, talking about her book and experiences with non-profit work, including in India.

27: American Society of Journalists and Authors announced member Shelley Seale’s new book on its Society Page.

November 2009

19: Story of My Life featured Shelley’s journey through India, getting to know the invisible children and writing the book to tell their stories.

22: Texas Author Day in San Marcos hosts over 40 Texas authors and illustrators, at the 6th annual Texas Author Day on Sunday, November 22 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.  These published writers and illustrators will be on hand to sign copies of their books and chat with fans. Shelley Seale will be the featured author speaker at 4:30 pm. Download the flyer here!

October 2009

1: KOOP Radio 91.7 interviewed Shelley and Caroline Boudreaux, founder of The Miracle Foundation, on the hour-long program “Idea Lounge” with host Khotan Harmon.

2: Wandering Educators features a Q&A with Shelley about Volunteer Travel. Find out what voluntourism is all about, what it’s like to volunteer in India, and her experiences with the beautiful children there.

10: Peter Greenberg’s Worldwide Travel – Radio Show, 11:40 am. Join author Shelley Seale as she is the guest on the nationally syndicated Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio show. Peter is one of the most well-known travel journalists; he is the Travel Editor for CBS News, and appears on The Early Show and across many CBS broadcast platforms. An Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and producer, Peter was named one of the most influential people in the travel by Travel Weekly, along with Al Gore, Bill Marriott and Richard Branson.

22: Take On Life Now – Mark Lewis’ blog that shares stories of people who take on life every day with passion and purpose. Read Shelley’s interview about “Traveling with a Purpose.”

September 2009

5: A Book and A Chat Radio Show

16: She Knows, a news and lifestyle portal aimed at women, features an important story about child trafficking and slavery. Corie Russell writes a compelling report on the horrors of children being sold, with author Shelley Seale quoted as one of the source experts. An important read on a topic of vital importance.

18: Places We Go, People We See, about travel that preserves cultures and community, features a story from the book about the experience of being confronted by child beggars. What do you do when faced with this heartbreaking situation? In a post titled “When Slumdog isn’t a Millionaire,” the emotions and realities of children begging is explored in a personal story.

19: Authors Read Radio – Shelley reads an excerpt from the book in a 10-minute segment:

23: Mommy and Me Days, the website focused on quality parenting time, spotlights the book and Shelley’s “Travel with a Purpose” mantra.

29: Travel’n On Radio Show featured Shelley as a guest, discussing responsible travel and the poverty of India’s children. Travel’n On Radio Show empowers travelers to have fun while leaving positive footprints by fostering global citizenship and creating cross-cultural understanding.

August 2009

1: AOL’s Gadling Travel features a review in its Travel Reads section. “While Seale doesn’t flinch from the uglier side of Indian life, she focuses on the children’s resilience and dreams. The Weight of Silence is part travelogue, part expose, and gripping reading. The fact that this book shows deep respect for India’s people while not ignoring their faults sets this book apart.”

1: Austin Woman Magazine ran a review in their August issue. “Seale’s one wish is that a reason never existed for her to write this book – that there aren’t 25 million children living in orphanages or on the streets of India, but we are sure glad she did.”

2: The Mother of All Trips, a website dedicated to traveling with children, published a wonderful review of the book. The book is a thoroughly researched, well-documented account of a very large and complex problem. The strength of the book is that even as she reveals her own internal struggles with despair, the overwhelming message is one of hope.” And, reviewer Mara Gorman was so inspired, that she donated $5 for every comment posted on the review, to the Miracle Foundation!

7: India Abroad Magazine ran an incredible 3-page spread about Shelley and The Weight of Silence, with photos, an in-depth interview, and excerpts from the book.

17: NPR Affiliate KUT Radio featured an interview with Shelley, about the book, her experiences in India, and the situation affecting vulnerable children there. Listen to the 5-minute interview – wonderful photos of the children are also included! The broadcast was also picked up and aired by many other NPR affiliate stations around the country.

19: Troubador 21 featured an essay by Shelley, called “India Chose Me.”

19: Power Women Magazine Radio Show

25: Conversations Book Club, which featured The Weight of Silence as its August Book of the Month, conducts a “Take Ten” interview with Shelley.

26: Professional Destiny, a book and blog dedicated to finding the career you were born for, featured Shelley as one of its “Professional Destiny Heroes.”

29: Conversations Book Club radio show

July 2009

1: KOOP Radio 91.7 fm in Austin features guest author Shelley Seale on the show “Writing on the Air.” Shelley and host Dillon McKinsey talk about the book and the process of writing it.

1: A Traveler’s Library asks Shelley about her 6 Favorite Books for travelers to India.

6: The Matador Network published a photo essay in its Change section, with photos of the beautiful children written about in the book, along with quotes from The Weight of Silence.

8: KOOP Radio’s Inner Views show featured guest Shelley Seale, with host Abigail Mahnke discussing the children and issues behind The Weight of Silence.

12: Writing Mamas Austin, a writing group for women, featured Shelley as the keynote speaker for their July meeting.

14: Conscious Discussions Podcast

18: Creative Soul Radio Podcast

19: The Austin American-Statesman runs a feature in its Sunday Books section about The Weight of Silence and Shelley’s journey with the children.

21: BookWoman bookstore hosts author Shelley Seale, discussing the book as well as doing a reading and signing.

21: The Seattle Times lists The Weight of Silence in its list of new books of interest!

June 2009

13: Eye For Film, the UK site that takes a fresh look at film, DVD, features and filmmaking, published an article about Slumdog Millionaire, quoting Shelley. The article takes a hard look at the truth behind the movie, for millions of other Indian children.

14: Human Rights Defence ran a nice feature announcement about The Weight of Silence and its work to bring to light the issues affecting the invisible children of India.

15: Wandering Educators is the first stop on Shelley’s virtual book tour! WE features an interview with Shelley, including a discussion about how travelers can give back on their journeys, and what we can do to help these children.

16: Hot Mommas Project conducts an interview with Shelley about writing the book, balancing life, parenting and work, and following your passions.

17: The Lost Girls, three twenty-something New Yorkers who ditched their media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey, interview Shelley about her inspirations, and why India.

18: Wanderlust and Lipstick‘s Beth Whitman talks to Shelley about the book, traveling to India, and taking her teenage daughter with her.

18: Linda’s Yoga Journey ran a feature about The Weight of Silence.

22: Surface Earth interviews Shelley about how the book got started, how to turn thoughts into action, discusses contributing without judgment.

23: Talk Radio Europe, which interviewed Shelley in July 2008, invites her back as a guest on the Boland Show to talk about the book and the real life of kids behind Slumdog Millionaire.

23: My Work Butterfly – Join Shelley at this portal aimed at working mothers, where I talk about how having my own child impacted my experiences in India and tips for parents who wish to engage their own children in community service. 

23: Soul Lab Radio

24: Mothers Fighting For Others features The Weight of Silence. Imagine what an army of inspired mothers could do to change the world!

24: Literary Diva Podcast

25: A Traveler’s Library interviews Shelley about traveling as a volunteer rather than a traditional tourist, and what she thinks about slum tours.

26: Brave New Traveler ran an interview with Shelley, talking about Slumdog Millionaire, poverty tourism, and how travelers can make a difference.

26: Giving City Austin interviews Shelley about why she started going to India, what she expected, and if this type of journey is for everyone.

29: The Travel Editor features a lengthy interview with Shelley. Bonus feature includes links to other articles by Shelley published at Travel Editor, that are excerpts from the book.

29: Ask Wendy profiles Shelley as the featured author in the “10 Questions For” series.

30: Stop Child Slavery blogger Jeff Turner interviews Shelley via webcam about the book and her experiences with the invisible children of India – and what others can do to help uphold their rights and give them a better future.

30: The Miracle Foundation – Book Launch Party! 6 pm at 1506 W. Sixth Street, Austin

May 2009

The Voluntary Traveler Book Project hosts an online discussion with Shelley Seale, author of ‘The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India’ and contributor to The Voluntary Traveler. The topic of the discussion is volunteer travel. Click here to read the transcript.

April 2009

My Work Butterfly runs a story from Shelley about the children of India.

The VolunTourist ran Shelley’s story, “You Bought Me Sleep,” about the inspiration for this book.

March 2009

Wanderlust & Lipstick featured Shelley’s story about the children of India, Lost and Found, winner of the Intrepid Travel writing contest.

St. Edward’s University Novus Magazine ran a feature article on alumni Shelley Seale and the book, in the Spring 2009 issue.

The Hot Mommas Project selected Shelley Seale as a finalist in their case studies for Role Models for women and girls. Read about her journey at the site.

February 2009

The International Ecotourism Society featured a story by Shelley, about volunteer travel in India, on their blog uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel.

January 2009

Human Rights Defence highlighted the enormous problem of illegal child labor with an article by Shelley Seale: “Can India Save its Working Children?”

Intrepid Travel ran a feature story by Shelley, called “How The Other Half Live in Mumbai,” about her experience visiting the infamous slum where much of the movie Slumdog Millionaire was filmed.

The VolunTourist weekly webcast on volunteer travels featured me as one of three guest speakers on the role that voluntourism plays in addressing issues such as those written about in The Weight of Silence.

GoWorld Travel Magazine published Shelley’s story on “Volunteer Travel: The Children of India.”

July 2008

Talk Radio Europe, the largest English language radio station in Spain, featured me as a guest on The Boland Show. The producer of the show contacted me after researching child labor in India and coming across my website and book. The twenty-minute interview was a discussion about the various sides of child labor in India and the conflicting issues surrounding how to get children out of the workforce.

June 2007

InfoChange India ran two feature stories from Shelley: The Missing Face of AIDS and Children as Chattel.

December 2006

KXAN News in Austin, Texas did a feature story on The Miracle Foundation and how it is helping uphold the rights and improve the lives of hundreds of Indian children. The spot featured interviews with myself and Caroline Boudreaux, founder of The Miracle Foundation, and extensive video footage from our trips to India.

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