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Good News Wednesday – Akanksha Cards for Change

Today’s Good News Wednesday segment is about a very simple, easy way that you can help create positive change for the future of these children.

Raju, an Akanksha student I interviewed

Raju, an Akanksha student I interviewed

Akanksha is a non-profit organization in India that is dedicated to education of the poorest and most vulnerable children. They go into the slums and streets to bring a better education to children who would otherwise get left behind.

I visited Akanksha in Mumbai, while interviewing and writing the book, and I feature them in Chapter 6 of The Weight of Silence. I also wrote a story about their wonderful work, and some of the Akanksha students that I talked to, on this blog.

Now, Scene East has partnered with Akanksha to bring some beautiful holiday cards to the market, with proceeds benefiting Akanksha’s work and students. Scene East’s business is designed to share photos of magical places, while raising money to benefit worthy causes. When you Shop with Scene East for holiday cards, your money will go toward furthering the education of children in need – while providing you with some amazing, gorgeous holiday cards that are designed and drawn by the kids!

Over the past 20 years, Akanksha has expanded from 15 children in one center to over 3.500 children in 57 centers in Mumbai and Pune, with an additional 2100 children in 6 schools. Help support their work by purchasing your Diwali, Christmas, Chanukah, New Years and Birthday cards through Scene East!

Shop for Holiday Cards at Scene East!

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