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Weight of Silence Book Launch Tour

Well, the first two weeks of the Book Launch, following its June 15 release date, have been awesome. After The Weight of Silence publication on June 15, I embarked on a 15-day virtual book tour that included website features and interviews, book reviews, and radio and podcast shows. The launch culminated in a Book Release party at The Miracle Foundation on June 30. A lot of people showed up and everyone had a lot of fun. For those of you after we ran out of books – I’m sorry, but if you ordered that night you will be getting yours soon! A big thanks to Stacy Farmer at The Miracle Foundation for all her help.

If you missed the book release tour, below are a few of the highlights – you can check out the entire 15-day launch tour here!

Wandering Educators was the first stop on the Launch Tour, featuring an interview with me about the book, the children, and how travelers can give back.

The Lost Girls featured a fun interview with me – check out the travels and discoveries of three twenty-something New Yorkers who left their lives behind to set off on a trip around the world!

Soul Lab did a great interview with me on BlogTalkRadio:

Brave New Traveler ran a terrific feature about me and the book, discussing among other things the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and the ethics of poverty tourism.

And, Radio Europe did a follow-up interview with me, to their July 2008 show on which I was a guest, discussing the book’s release and issues facing these children. Listen to it here!

All in all, the book launch was a great success, and I truly appreciate everyone who has hosted me, participated, supported me and otherwise worked to gain more awareness for these kids and their incredible stories.

Just because the release launch is behind us, though, doesn’t mean that there are no more events scheduled for The Weight of Silence! Check out the things coming up:

I hope you’ll stop by some of these to check it out! And if you haven’t joined the Facebook page for Weight of Silence yet, then I personally invite you to do so.

Thank you!