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Endorsements of The Weight of Silence:

Joan Collins

Joan Collins

Foreword by Joan Collins, Actress and Author
“I feel that children are the most vulnerable to abuse and hardship and therefore the most needy of our protection and help. Shelley Seale’s life-affirming and sensitive book brings into sharp focus the millions of children whose lives have been blighted by poverty, disease, abuse and more than anything the lack of parents or caregivers. In her journeys through the slums, streets and clinics of India, she has chronicled the childrens hopes and hardships and their ability to overcome crippling challenges. It is truly inspirational. One of the greatest tragedies for these poor forgotten children is that the majority of citizens ignore them. I hope this book will cast light on the immense human tragedy and that the world will no longer ignore these precious children.”

Geralyn Dreyfous

Geralyn Dreyfous

“Weight of Silence makes visible children who remain invisible to the rest of the world and reminds us of each child’s right to dream out loud and in color.” Geralyn Dreyfous, Executive Producer of Born Into Brothels

“A highly informative and inspiring book on a problem that has gone unaddressed for too long.”  Kate Dancy, Media and Communications Manager, Save The Children

“Millions of children around the world are denied an education, forced to work in dangerous conditions, often left without access to adult protection, and at risk of various forms of abuse that expose them to lasting physical and psychological harm. In India, despite ambitious commitments made by the government, children remain vulnerable and easily silenced. Shelley Seale’s Weight of Silence speaks of the courage and resilience of many such children, and need for the world to shake off its apathy and invest in their future.”  Meenakshi Ganguly, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch

Dominique Lapierre with Mother Theresa

Dominique Lapierre with Mother Theresa

“Mother Teresa used to say that ‘contributing to saving one child is saving the world.’  As a contributor myself towards this ideal for the last 28 years, I can only applaud to your book project about India’s invisible children.  The more the world will know that alongside a ‘shining India’ becoming a prosperous world power, there is another India of millions of children who will never enter into a school, the more these children will have a chance to beat their unlucky karma.  You are certainly one of those who can help make a difference.”  Dominique Lapierre, author of City of Joy


“Ask the pain of a flower that is plucked off a plant; ask the pain of a drop that has lost its existence in the sand after falling off a cloud, ask a twig which has fallen off a tree to float aimlessly into a river, up on which it has no control. One can say these are not real and practical situations. Then ask a child who has lost parents, childhood, innocence, future and everything like a flower off a plant, drop off a cloud or a twig floating aimlessly into a river. You will get the answer of all four the same. It is quite natural to feel pain when we ourselves are hurt. However, to feel the pain of others is quite a different matter. Shelley Seale’s life and her book are testimony of the fact that you can not only feel the pain of others but can also do something to alleviate it. I wish Ms. Seale’s book The Weight of Silence achieves in creating the awareness amongst those who may not be aware of the pain and suffering of an orphan, since suffering and pain, knows no boundaries, be it anywhere on the planet. It is time to acknowledge that each child is a childhood, and each childhood is the future of the mankind.”  Dr. Nirmal Gupta, Head of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India

“Many people see the pain around them, but a few let others realize the struggle and pain the vulnerable people are going through. The media selected by Shelley is powerful and meaningful which can give visibility to children who are silent victims of HIV and other vulnerable situations.”  Dr. Deeksha Pillarisetty, Vasavya Mahila Mandali

“I just finished reading your proposal and I am completely enthralled. I love the writing, I love material and I love what you are doing. You did an amazing job conveying the important message and capturing all of the love and despair. It was quite moving.”  Lisa Hagan, Paraview Literary Agency

“I ‘accidentally’ opened the first chapter of your book and was not able to stop! Not only did it give me goosebumps and left me feeling inspired, but it literally made me want to buy a ticket to India and go and see it for myself. You are a true inspiration!”  Chris Rault, Inspire Change

“A great combination of conscience and talent.”  Douglas Kev, Social Justice Now


“It is always so inspirational to read about the awareness that one person can bring to a subject as important as this. I hope you message is witnessed by many others so because if we all had a small part in bringing about a change in the lives of others than there may be a chance to have greater peace in the world.”  Heather Falkin, Yoga with Heather Falkin

“I am quite overwhelmed with what you have written here.”  Nita J. Kulkarni, Journalist

“We went in to peek at your website and ended up taking a long look.  You craft words beautifully.”  Eric Langner, The Language Immersion School

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