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If you would like to contact Shelley Seale or any of the organizations I have visited and written about, this is the place. You can also contact me through my freelance website: Below the contact form, you can view my slideshow of these precious children, and comments from readers and supporters.

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Click here to view my 4-minute multimedia slideshow of the beautiful children I've written about

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of the beautiful children I’ve written about.

  1. Sandy Seale "Mom"

    I am so very proud of Shelley as any mother would be; for her compassion, love of people of all backgrounds, social status, and especially those of special needs and life obstacles they must overcome daily. She has such a deep desire to help them and a love for these children of India in particular and puts that love into action, not just physically or financially aiding them but with this book to help educate and make the rest of us aware of the problems as we sit in our comfortable homes, eating to abundance and going about our lives often oblivious to the world around us and those who do not have what we are blessed with. I pray that God will look over her, protect her on her journey and give her the insights and knowledge she needs to complete this book that she so hopes will open our eyes to the plight of children around the world and those who have the ability to help in either a financial way or even if it can only be with spiritual or emotional support through prayer or encouragement will feel the call to do so. God be with you Shelley and know that we are all with you in love and spirit.

  2. Good luck Shelley! And welcome back to India!

  3. I wish you all the best Shelley as the effort is for a cause which not many people can think of. We may always want to work for people who suffer and people who are in need, but always can not give them all they need. The work you are doing Shelley I hope will make some more people realize that they are blessed and so they should work towards the cause which can make others feel the same way. We may not completely abolish the problem of a child not getting the basic needs of his life but we can try. The lord will always be with you making way for you so walk with no hesitation.

  4. you are doing a great job Shelley,Keep it up

  5. Shelley,

    Glad to find your blog. I returned recently from a trip to North Central India and had not expected to see the depth and breadth of poverty I saw. It is critical to expose that this entire underclass still exists in the new India. Americans mainly hear about the developments in technology and the new middle class. However, I saw little if no evidence of any “trickle down” effect from the developing wealth on the masses of impoverished people.

    Dana Welch

  6. Shelley….

    God. Bless you.

  7. Leslie Mester

    I am proud to call you my friend, Shelley. A lot of people feel badly about situations around the world but you are doing something about it.

  8. When I read this, it gives me hope as well.

  9. Shirley Smith

    Shelley, we could never be more proud of you than we are today. We are so glad
    you have arrived safely once more on your beloved India. Our hearts and prayers
    are with you. You are being able to physically do what we can no longer do. We are
    so proud to be able to be a part of this in love and prayer and through your doing
    what we cannot. Our Lord will forever be with you and keep you safe for we know
    you are living in His way and His will. We will be with you all the way. Mimi/Granddad

  10. Well done Shelley.You r doing incredible job.You r doing for those, who cannot do any
    thing for you that shows ur humanity.

  11. Andrew Bucknall

    Thank you Shelley for shining light on this need and a way to address it. Thank you for giving care, for all children of the world are our children and deserve our love.

  12. Shelley,

    When you were small I watched you read books as if they held you captive. As an adult you are living and writing your own book. I can’t wait to read it and learn from your experiences. I repect and admire the love you have for the children and the time you share with each of them. I only wish more children had the opportunity to see life the way you showing it to Chandler, your own daughter. God bless and keep you.

  13. Shirley Smith

    Not only has your life been effected and changed due to your travels and connections
    in India, but we are convinced your book will make a real impact and bring about some changes that are so needed. Thank you so very much for sharing all this with
    us. May God contiue to bless you and your concerns and work. Love. Mimi

  14. Many people see the pain around them, but a few let others realize the struggle and pain the vulnerable people are going through. The media selected by Shelly is powerful and meaningful which can give visibility to children who are silent victims of HIV and other vulnerable situations. The children of Vasavya children support groups acknowledge the efforts of Shelly. Thank you Shelly.

  15. What great work!! Truly a selfless act. Keep it going…I admire you and the greatness that you are.

    Warmest regards,


  16. I can only echo the above sentiments and all I can say is that by talking about these issues is one way that we can start by opening the door to letting others know what is happening. All to many people just shrug and say Gee, I didn’t know, but once we know, I see it as a moral obligation to *do* what we can.

    I’ve seen too that *doing what we can* can be seen as a murky area so I wonder what can be done – by all of us – or even some of us.

    Thank you Shelly.

    (I’m new here and hoping to see more.)

    Peace, love and understanding~

  17. All organizations hope for volunteers and donors who really get behind their cause. You’re doing it Shelley. You’re commitment to the orphans we serve never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for giving of yourself so freely and fully. You are an inspiration.
    All my love and respect,

  18. Dear madam shelly, how are you? I am just sending this mail with a great concern about the great work you are faithfully doing in India all these years. I want to meet you one day as I love the work you are doing and I am also involved in helping poor and doing charity to the poor. Please reply me when you read this mail.

    thanking you

  19. I am at a loss of words…Thank you for helping me hope for humanity.

  20. We admire the great good work you are doing to children in India.We too are children from India.We are from Madurai-Tamilnadu-India.You are a GREAT GODSENT ANGEL TO POOR CHILDREN IN INDIA.You are a LIVING MOTHER THERESA TO US.God grant you good health and long life.God be praised and glorified in your good deeds.Our prayers are with you.

    Yours very gratefully

  21. Keep up the good work Shelly.

  22. Hi Shelly…

    It is really wonderful to know the divine work that you have been doing in your life. We are much inspired by you and you are standing above we HUMANS. We are proud of you and our prayers for you and your work to reach greater heights.

    GOD is within YOU.

    with respects. Rajesh.

    You surely have inspired many of us to do something as wonderful as this.
    Keep up the good work going….

  24. Shelley: is your book currently for sale?


  25. What can I say that I haven’t already said in our exchanges on Again, hats off to you for taking on this noble cause of enlightening the world on such an important cause. Truly commendable. Please let me know when the book goes on sale….I want to be the first one to buy it!! 🙂

  26. Great blog , must get the book, as I work with children with challenges anything that lets people know about children always interests me.

    Thank you for your work.

    Helen Vella

  27. Thank you.

    Can I link to you? Please let me know at

  28. So glad to find your site, and I’m adding your book to my reading list. I admire what you’re doing and feel both humbled and inspired.

  29. It is always so inspirational to read about the awareness that one person can bring to a subject as important as this. To spend time with these children must have been very rewarding yet challenging knowing the unnecessary suffering they were forced to endure. I hope you message is witnessed by many others so because if we all had a small part in bringing about a change in the lives of others than there may be a chance to have greater peace in the world.


  30. Shelly i will not just say good luck rather i would like to join with you, its my deep desire to do jobsfor the benefit of life of others, i have recieved your mail at & i will like to write and help you in all possible ways that i can do, please inform me

  31. Well done Shelley. You are doing incredible job.

  32. Shelley, I thought there might be a pingback to your article here, (the one that is on SurfaceEarth). Does your site support pingbacks? It is such a lovely article you did, thanks again!

  33. Stewart Botting

    While there are many who empathise from a distance there are only a few who are prepared to roll up their sleeve and get their hands dirty. Shelly writes from first hand experience of both the country and the children – the result is telling. For we meet real children not bill boards – and as such learn something more about their struggle to surmount even their basic needs.

    I hope many are moved by this book – but I hope that more are challenged to go where Shelley has gone – into the thick of it.

  34. Hi Shelly!

    Just stopped over from Sibyllae.

    Bless you. And thank you for sharing this.

  35. Chandler Wieberg

    also, this book is GREAT, its an inspiration for everyone to step up and help these kids, not just in India, but ALL over the world! Anyone can do it, and even the littlest gesture changes a life.

  36. Charles Coleman

    Good for you Shelley. I am impressed with how you have stuck to your project. I am still muddling along, but have 200 pages of something under my belt. Still very far from publication! Congratulations. – Charles (Prague friend)

  37. WHAT a fantastic concept, book, life’s work. BRAVA!

  38. Dr Manjeet Pardesi


    Your commitment , your spirit for the cause made this happen. Thanks for coming up with this soul touching book.

  39. Hey Shelly — good to hear from you. I’d love to announce the release of your book. I’d like to read it as well. Please let me know more about the virtual book tour and any way that I may be able to help.

    In solidarity!

  40. Namaste Shelley,

    I am so proud of you that this current project is about to make the bookshelves! I am honored to be your friend and to have been a small part of the book. The cause is overwhelming. But with this book, hopefully more volunteers will come on board to make a difference in our beautiful Indian children’s lives.

    I love that there is a hotel in Delhi with your photo framed at reception. You see it’s true: ShelleySealeFamousAmericanWriter!

    You go girl. Congratulations!


  41. It truly is amazing to see someone like you spread the word about the injustice suffered by India’s children. The Miracle Foundation works to find a solution to the problem. We take these kids off the streets and put them in a safe, loving environment– providing them with delicious food, shelter, medical care, an education, and LOTS of love. We work to break the cycle of poverty that has been perpetuated in India for so long. Please watch this video and gain hope in the face of such poverty and suffering.

  42. Best wishes shelley for book.

    I look forward to read your book. I expect something new perspective on child trafficking in India and like to share your conclusions on this crises with some policymakers.

  43. we are truly inspired. thank you.

  44. would love for you to come do a radio show with us about your book and this very important issue
    contact us anytime


  45. Ravi Gaurava

    You are great…May God Bless You…

  46. Two words: read it. Expect to be lured into a bewildering country, where you will fall in love with gentle, fascinating, resilient people, and be amazed (as well as frustrated) by its culture.

    After seeing “Slumdog Millionaire” last year, I scratched India off my bucket list. I had the general idea, and that was quite enough, thanks. Now, I’m shopping the Internet for airfare, calculating how much of this vast country I can see in a couple of weeks, and evaluating the organizations profiled in Shelley’s book to determine what I can do to impact the lives of “Invisible Children.”

    I’ve given this book to friends, talked it up at my book club, begged people to read it and share their thoughts with me. Shelley Seale not only tells the inside story of underfunded orphanages and abandoned street children, she clarifies the local beliefs and politics that allow millions of kids to live in abject poverty in the midst of growing wealth and suffer treatable disease in the shadow of modern, world-class medical facilities.

    Photos of the kids and lists of resource contacts add to the pleasure and value of this well-written book.

  47. Am looking forward to reading this book. I wonder if you met any deaf children?? I am deaf myself and very passionate about the plight of deaf children and deaf people all over the world. Please email me. Thanks!

  48. I am inspired by you! I really appreciate you. I have seen so many times, these kids, but I did not do any thing for them.

  49. Well India can always spend the money on Tsunami early warning system or Commonwealth games rather than invisible children or commercially independent operating system. great story. I would like to feature it on my men’s entertainment web publication.

  50. i’m awed by your work. I am going to donate the $5.00 to your foundation. I’m so glad you’re here on Premiere Writers. It tells us all about giving to others. please volunteer your articles on PUBLISH.

    Martha Tucker

  51. Hi Shelly

    I have ordered the book, as it seems insightful and well researched and kudos for taking the time to trace this story.

    Just wanted to point out that the picture that takes folk to your facebook photos is kids from the RSO home in Chennai, India, who aren’t technically “orphans”. They are kids from the nearby leprosy colonies and most have parents. They stay for most part of the year at the RSO homes as food and education cannot always be provided by their parents. They stay do go back home to thier parents during holidays. Just FYI 🙂

  52. I am Shelley’s mom & to say I’m proud would be a gross understatement. However, in reading these comments it brings to mind one thing I can hear Shelley saying in my mind over & over. Everyone is so kind to acknowledge how compassionate, caring & giving she is to the crisis of these beautiful children…children she has come to love & consider her own. If she could take them all home with her and see that all their needs were met, that they grow in a family of love she would do it in a heartbeat. However, I know, although very proud of your seeing her vast heart of caring, she is saying that she gets much more from each of these wonderful children than she has ever been able to give to them. They fill her heart & make her cup overflow….she truly hates to have to leave them & return home. She is not comfortable with accolades of her greatness but would rather the spotlight be on the kids & “fixing” the problem. So if you truly appreciate her attempts to bring awareness to this problem, show her just how much by going to and donate or sponsor a child. Then her efforts won’t have been in vain

  53. Also in response to Pruma’s comment above, Shelley does make reference in her book that many of these children aren’t technically orphans in the true sense of the word but because of the extreme poverty their families aren’t able to take care of them like they would like so they are in the orphanages & other places for lack of a better alternative. This is one of the areas she touches on in great length & I believe once you’ve read her book will see all the various aspects she delves into to bring the public to an awareness of the vastness of the issues. I can just say buy the book; read it…it is actually extremely uplifting & an easy read. It contains just the amount of statistics necessary to inform but scattered among the very real stories of the children & their resilience in spite of the conditions. They still run & play, laugh & love like children everywhere. And unlike children of privilege, they are content with very little but deserve & have a God-given right to so much more.

  54. thank you for this write up .i live in india and work in an organisation where we try to uplift these helpless ones. thank you for telling the world .

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