5 Companies that Take a Stand against Slave Labor

One of my favorite organizations, Change.org, has recently posted a list of five corporations who have dedicated time, money and corporate practices to the fight against human trafficking and slavery. It was written by Amanda Kloer, and you can read the full article here. This is their list – good information to know!

1.) MTV: It may be common knowledge that MTV rarely plays music videos these days, but what’s less known is that the network has devoted an entire campaign to the issue: the EXIT campaign.  They have have created a ton of documentaries, short films, and original videos, many of which have been featured here.  The best part of the EXIT campaign is that they combine accuracy with that cool/young/hip MTV look and feel. (On a related note, check out this awesome Radiohead music video for “All I Need” that brings attention to child labor – you can also watch at the bottom of this post)

2.) LexisNexis: Known by attorneys, students, and academics as a comprehensive database, LexisNexis has also created an online legal resource center, with information about anti-trafficking laws and policies all around the world.  In additional, they provide direct financial support for organizations and events around the world aimed at raising awareness of the existence of human trafficking.

3.) Microsoft: Bill and Melinda Gates may have more money than God, but at least they’re using it for a great cause.  They recently awarded anti-trafficking NGO International Justice Mission $5 million to create a replicable model of combating sex trafficking.  Additionally, the Microsoft Corporation has partnered with NGOs around the world, and has worked with other NGOs to prevent Microsoft products from being used to exploit children sexually.

4.) Carlson Companies: The owners of the Raddison and T.G.I.Friday brands, among others, has made a worldwide commitment to preventing child sex trafficking in their hotels, restaurants, and tour companies.  They were the first U.S.-based company to sign the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, which involved taking advanced steps to eliminate child trafficking.

5.) Manpower, Inc.: As a worldwide employment services corporation, Manpower, Inc. is in a great place to call on over 1000 of the world’s leading corporations to join the fight to end human trafficking.  They have been extremely involved and supportive of the End Human Trafficking Now campaign and have committed have committed to the Athens Ethical Principles, a zero-tolerance policy toward human trafficking.

Amanda Kloer, author of this article on Change.org

So the next time you have an opportunity to choose one of these companies over their competitors, please do so. They are truly committed to fighting human trafficking through their time, resources, and funding.

We must continue to involve corporations in the anti-trafficking effort, and support those which have already taken up the fight.

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Radiohead video for MTV’s Exit Campaign
“Some Things Cost More Than You Realize”

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