The Screams Behind The Silence

I have not written at Stop Child Slavery as often as I would like. But every day I am drawn to the administrative panel of the web site to deal with the dozens of spam comments that find their way into comment moderation. They are impossible to ignore. They scream at me.

Of course, none of them ever make it onto the pages of the blog, even though they try very hard. They are caught by the spam blockers. I go through them to make sure no real comments are missed. Most of it is garbage text that is not meant to be understood. Some of it is the promise of celebrity nudity, and easy to understand. What is shocking and almost impossible to comprehend, however, is how large a percentage of the spam comments are advertisements for “teen sex.” They are overt in their attempt to come as close to child pornography as possible without stepping over “the line.” And it’s overwhelming.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as a child prostitute.

As bad as that sounds it is still a mask for what it really is. Children in the sex trade are sex slaves. Period. It is a particularly evil form of forced child labor. And it’s acceptance is perpetuated by the porn industry’s continued use of “teens” as bait for their web sites.

The fact that these kinds of spam comments end up making their way to a site about stopping child slavery is an indication of how pervasive they are. I doubt that any blogger has been spared the attack. It leaves me wondering what can be done. And I’m left scratching my head.

I’m no prude. I believe in an adult’s right to engage in consensual sex with anyone they choose. They have the right to videotape those act if they like. And in many places, they can legally sell them if they choose. But the boastful screams of teen sex that permeate the web, that are protected by “free speech,” are most certainly a part of a mindset that allows the trafficking of child sex slaves to continue to flourish in our modern societies. If there were no market, there would be no trade. Supply needs demand. And while I know the demand will never go away,  I fear our cultures senses are being dulled by the onslaught of “near child pornography” that perpetuates the internet.

I fear that the weight of silence will continue to be borne by millions of children unless we can figure out a way to quiet the screams of the adults using teens as bait for the porn industry.

This post was written by guest author Jeff Turner, who runs the Stop Child Slavery blog.

About Jeff Turner

President of RealSatisfied and Founder of Real Estate Shows. Six kids. One wife. Zero worries. Made in West Virginia.

Posted on September 5, 2008, in children. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. please tellme what i can do as a canadian, to stop child slavery

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you so much for your interest and desire to help.
    On my site I have a page that gives more information about ways people can help, through donations, volunteering or simple awareness and spreading the word.

    You can see that at

    Thank you so much!

  3. One more note, an excellent resource for helping to stop human trafficking is Stop The Traffik –,

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