My India Itinerary – March 2007

Once again, I am returning to India this March. I will be there the entire month, traveling all over – from Mumbai to Chennai to Cuttack, and many stops in between. Besides Papa’s and Manjeet’s homes for children, I will also be visiting other orphanages, NGOs, AIDS organizations, UNICEF, etc. to interview for the book. Click here to view an interactive link of my itinerary, complete with map, where you can follow me every step of the way and see exactly where I’ll be.


About Shelley Seale

I'm Shelley, a journeyer and learner of the world, freelance journalist and author, yoga chick and dog lover. I pound the keyboard from home barefoot every day, and while my boss is demanding she also occasionally lets me have the early afternoon cocktail. I think not going into an office or collecting corporate paychecks are very good ideas, though not always profitable. I have written for National Geographic, USA Today, The Guardian, Texas Monthly and CNN, among others. Neither the New York Times nor Johnny Depp have answered my letters yet. I love yoga, indie movies, wine, and books, though not necessarily in that order. I believe in karma. Mean people suck. If I could have any dream job I would like to be a superhero. I have performed a catch on the flying trapeze, boarded down a live volcano and was once robbed by a monkey in Nepal. But, I don't know how to whistle. My mantra is "travel with a purpose."

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  1. Hi there Shelley,

    Thanks for your comment on our website. I am the editor of Newslink English daily, which is published from Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram. I was just wondering whether you will have time to visit my state despite the difficulties. (You have to obtain a permit from the Union Home Ministry to visit Mizoram). Anyway, if you can get here, all assitance is assured.

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